Gary Edwards is a composer of classical, musical theater and film music based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He has also written jazz, rock/pop, R&B gospel and country music. His music has been performed in ensembles from Washington to Argentina, Russia and other countries and he has played with both the Spokane and Louisville Symphonies. One of his goals has always been to bring different cultures and people together with his music.

Gary has written eight musicals, one opera and three screenplays as well as two concertos and hundreds of pieces of music.  He recently produced a Tribute to Mildred Bailey concert and transcribed and conducted all the music. He was the Playwright/Composer in Residence for the Ignite Theater in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Gary's acclaimed album, Wataino, features co-writer Orlando Sanchez, virtuoso hand-percussion player who has performed with such stars as Stevie Wonder, Donna Summers and who produced music for Disney World for years. Find out more about Gary's Music. Questions? Contact Gary. 


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Orlando Sanchez

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Gary's news and blog

Christmas is coming 

Local Composer and author Gary A. Edwards offers entertaining music, books and videos just in time for holiday gift giving. Just released, the Wataino (Washington-Taino) music CD features get-up-and dance high energy Latin rhythms inspired by co-writer Orlando Sanchez, formerly with Stevie Wonder and Disney World, and the Puerto Rican Taino Tribe traditional music. Also, just released is Sing-along With Ellie featuring 10 year old child prodigy Ellie singing Edwards original music designed to entertain, educate and inspire children. The CD includes the lyrics so the whole family can sing along. Gary’s website www.EdwardsMusicSite.com offers 13 music CDs in all including three classical music albums, two rock n’ roll CDs, light jazz, easy listening , Country and Contemporary R&B gospel co-written and produced with Wendell Noble who has had a long career singing with the Platters group of 1950’s fame. 

Gary also has 17 books on his website including Grandma Swank’s Recipe Box, chock full of delicious traditional farm recipes just in time for the holidays. If you like history, you’ll love the book Chinese Curse, a memoir of Edwards' life in Spokane and North Idaho ranging from 1941 through 1961. Or if  you’d like to remember the 1960’s Gary’s novel Phantasy recalls the heady energy of times in the Bay area from 1961 through 1974. 

Checkout Gary’s website www.EdwardsMusicSite.com for stockings full of free material also, like an eight episode Songwriting & Marketing video series, a 6 episode class of meditation exercises called Imaging and Visualization for Success and a weekly series of over 100 comedic video vignettes called Sit-down Comedy Seriesfrom Gary’s life. Also tune in to Gary’s weekly Twitch video broadcast called Hey Baldy, where Gary’s talks about and plays his music and videos and tells jokes as Wade Lutz draws original art while you watch. You can also view the video performance of my show Christmas On The Concourse on the <films> page. You can find all of this at www.EdwardsMusicSite.com

Merry Christmas!

California Dreamin' 

Back in the day, I was playing gigs with the Soul Sounds in California. What a time we had, here's a few about my misadventures in the ghetto and playing shows. Hope you get a kick out of it, I sure did at the time!

Wataino and EWU 

As you, yours, me and mine know, this has been a most unusual year. 

Pre-pandemic, I was working with EWU to transcribe and have some music performed from Orlando Sanchez and my newest CD, Wataino -- originally timed for this spring. And, of course as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry, this public health crisis had other plans. Needless to say though, this too shall pass. 

I recently got word from Steven Friel, professor of jazz and  a colleague of mine that I was working with on this project:

"This is such an amazing project!! Bravo! I can't wait to get started on it when we can finally have things back to normal.  Sadly, this will not be until Fall of 2021. As soon as we come back, this will be my first project to tackle.  Thank you for your amazing work and discipline! WE WILL GET THIS PERFORMED HERE AT EASTERN!!!".

It was a nice shot in the arm not only to hear the good news that the green lights are still on, but also to think about the world going back to normal. I hope that you all will look forward to that too!

Medical Mayhem 

Turn your head and cough! Today we've got some humor from the sick bay. These days we're so conscious of health these days, we could use a laugh!

Hey Baldy Show on Twitch Friday mornings at 10 am. 

We are broadcasting an interactive video show on Twitch every Friday morning at 10 am Pacific Time with my friend Wade Lutz. This week we are featuring child prodigy Ellie singing my original children's songs on video and sound. Also listen to Cecilia Curtis preview of her Mildred Bailey show at the Coeur d’Alene Casino as she sings The St. Louis Blues. Also, Wade Lutz takes requests for original arts and creates his monster drawings while you wait. No politics, no religion. Just fun entertainment with two bald guys. Please tune in and you can participate. 

Here is the link:   https://www.twitch.tv/heybaldy?fbclid=IwAR2enj9pJ9MYJiYuQ7-YKG-G2N84YcE63N2gFZPMDarDoccgZw3jd5Ize-s

Gettin a little looney 

Today, I've got a special tweat for you, an Elvis favorite performed by Tweety Bird. Well, by me, singing like Tweety Bird. Be sure to comment if you have any more requests, I'll be here all week.

Canadian Girls 

Oh sure, you bet'cha. Today I spill the beans of my exhaustive habit of dating canooks in the summers of my youth. Hope you all can learn something, or at least get a chuckle!

Save the Date! Heritage and History, the next Mildred Bailey Show November 14th! 

Imagine being taken to the past by a live performance to weave a story that can only be told on the lands it happened and was birthed from. The story of Mildred Bailey will be acted and sung by none other than Coeur d’Alene Tribal member CeCe Curtis-Cook. Her performance will take you to the turn of the century when America was going through its struggles and its heyday of the roaring 20’s and beyond. Enjoy a night of History, laughter and good ole music that makes you feel right at home.


Music and Songwriting Class is now open for the public! 

Hey Everyone! I'm Pleased to announce that my music and songwriting class is now available for free on youtube! I will guide you through the fundamentals of the music drawn from my years of experience as a composer. Here's a list of what's in store for you:

Week 1 - Intro

Week 2 - Writing Lyrics

Week 3 - Writing Music

Week 4 - Collaborating With Others

Week 5 - Legal Matters

Week 6 - Technical Aspects

Week 7 - Marketing Your Music

Week 8 - Performing Your Music


I look forward to helping you grow as a musician! Click on the image below to get started!

New Episodes of Sit-down Comedy are Up!  

I missed the blog last week, so today is gonna be a two-fer for you all! For starters I'll  give you a window into the perils of being  a married man on stage, followed by a hilarious scheme a friend and I pulled in college to meet women. Hope you all get a good laugh! If you do make sure to share with your friends!





Newly available for purchase! 

Hey everyone, I'm pleased to inform you that Gary's Classic Music Vol II & III are now available for purchase in physical copy, as well as the complete DVD set for Echo of the Tom Toms read by Joe Lyons! Vol II features a 30 minute original piano concerto. Vol III features a 20 minute original string bass concerto. Take a  gander here below!

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Come find the songs you're looking for - here, in Gary's Music Store!

Come find the songs you're looking for - here, in Gary's Music Store!

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