Edwards Music Site update 06/05/2024

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I've been totally busy lately. In May I went to Charlotte NC and received an honorary PhD in Music Composition from Chun University.

On May 12th I flew to New York City and spent the whole day Monday May 13th at a reading of two new musicals co-written with book/lyricist Claude Solnik called A Train Through Time and Dillinger. M\any thinks to music director Steve Cornine for his piano accompaniment.

While in New York City I went to two off-Broadway shows and had a great time.

I've been trying to complete a movie called Mildred Bailey Tribute. We have 60 minutes of footage completed and I'm waiting for the tribe's agreement so I can pursue getting licences for 14 songs which are still under copyright and film another 30 minutes to finish this documentary.

I finished rewriting The Prodigy screenplay to change the Russian female character to a Czech female. Tony Alvarez is pitching this screenplay to Czech film producers.

I've got a lot of other irons in the fire so stay tuned for future updates.


Gary A. Edwards

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