Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog 4/4/2023

Solnik and Edwards to present A Stitch In Time, their second show in New York City - Gary A. Edwards and Claude Solnik annoounce that following the success of their Stealing Mona Lisa show in December 2022 in NYC, they will be presenting a full-length musical theater show entitled A Stitch In Time at the Theater for thew New City at 155 1st Ave. in the East Village. The dates run from 6/19/2023 through 6/9/2023 on selected evenings. This show is an amusiing contemporary version of the Emperor Has No Clothes story. Solnik wrote the book and lyrics and Gary composed the music.

Anaísa Salazar commits to recording some of Gary's Spanish music. Anaísa us a wonderful singer who lives in Cuba and is very popular there. She says she loves Garys music. She recently committed to rehearsing and recording some of Gary's original Spanish songs including his very difficult classical style piece called The Gypsy Tango.

Gary partners with Kimberly Bennet to compose five quirky songs. Yes, there is a market for quirky songs and this duo is working to set music to five songs written by Kimberly, recently finishing "Aaaooo, I'm a Wolf.

Gary signs another non-exclusive agreement. Through a tip-sheet website called Gary signed an agreement with Ear Reverend Music for that company to market Gary's classical piece called A Prayer for Peace, conducted and written by Gary and performed by the Coeur d'Alene Symphony. In the last two years Gary has signed 267 agreements through contacts with people looking for original music through

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Gary A. Edwards

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