Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog Update 7/11/2023

Hello. Here’s the latest news about my music activities.


A Stitch In Time completes three month run in New York City. The word from reviewers and cast and crew is that everyone loved this show and the music that I composed for lyrics provided by Co-writer Claude Solnik. I didn’t go to New York for the show because it was too expensive. If you would like to partner with our team for productions let me know. You would have a lot of fun behind the scenes hanging out with me, Claude and the cast, and we might even make a profit someday.


A Train Through Time – I am half way finished composing the music for a new musical comedy co-written by Claude Solnik. This is our fourth joint project. The story is about travelers on a train through time who become aware that there are stops at different times but they can’t get off the train until they arrive at the stop where they are meant to be.


The Flying Pig Farm music project – Kimberly Bennett wrote a book where the characters are animals and a few people. The wolf is a Veterinarian and is suffering a crisis because one of her patients is a chicken who burnt her leg, and the smell makes the wolf doctor want to eat the chicken, which would be a violation of her Hippocratic Oath. So, this coming Friday Kimberly and I are meeting with Cece Curtis of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe who will be singing the six songs in this project at Dan Lewis’ recording site where he and I have produced many music CD’s together.


Dorothy Hebert Memoir project – I have finished editing and proofreading Dorothy’s (age 93) memoir and now we are getting the photos ready to publish this work on Amazon. Don’t miss this exciting and interesting story of an orphan who successfully overcame the many challenges she was born with and became a model at age 65.


Emerge Art Gallery Block Party – I will be selling my CD’s and other local artist’s works at a block party at the Emerge Art Gallery Thursday July 13th and Friday July 14th in the evening. The gallery has many opportunities for emerging artists to come out of their cocoons and display their works and is located on the corner of 2nd and Sherman Avenue in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. There will be entertainment, etc.


Happy Summer everyone.


Gary A. Edwards

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