Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog 12/02/23

Gary welcomes Tony Alvarez on board – Tony called and said conductor Jan Pellant gave him my number and asked if I would teach him about the music business. Tony is a talented composer and we have had two productive sessions and it’s going very well.

College performance of my musical – I spoke with a college drama teacher yesterday and we agreed that their school would produce one of my original musicals in 2025 to 2026. I sent him a synopsis of the nine musicals I have composed so far, plus one I just started to write, and then we’ll meet and pick which one will be the one chosen.

Post Falls: River of Life Musical Revue – Kim Brown with the Post Falls Historical Society and I agreed that I will write and compose a musical revue about the history of Post Falls. We are still discussing the details.

Mildred Bailey Tribute – Kristin Kilmer proposed that she work on producing some of my musicals or shows. We decided to revive the Mildred Bailey Tribute and spread it out to other venues. Cecilia Curtis has agreed to participate again as the singer in this show.

NW CMA - I recently acted as a judge in the Pacific NW CMA show at the Bing Theater and voted for the Performance of Leah Justine because she actually put on a show and connected with the audience instead of just standing and singing at the mic with no eye contact.

Post Falls: River of Life  New Woodwind Quintet – I went to a performance of the Coeur d’Alene Woodwind Quintet at a private home in Post Falls and at the end the clarinetist Jim Sullivan agreed that I would compose a 12 minute woodwind quintet. I decide to use this quintet as the basis for my Post Falls: River of life music revue so that is the name of my woodwind quintet which is a suite with 12 movements depicting musically the story of Post Falls. If you want to hear it, send me an email.

Merry Christmas everyone,

Gary A. Edwards



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