Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog Update 1/14/2024

Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog 1/14/24 

Dillinger Musical - Woodwind Quintet Concert – Emerge - Tony Alvarez – Las Vegas trip

Dillinger Musical – Claude Solnik sent me the script for a new musical about John Dillinger. In this version, John is not such a bad guy. He only shot back when someone shot at him. He did not take money from bank customers, just from the banks. Hoover wants more power including the right for his agents to carry guns and arrest criminals. I made a resolution to write one new song a day for the Dillinger musical and so far this year I’ve written 14 songs, right on schedule.

Woodwind Quintet Concert – I composed a 12 minute piece of music for the Coeur d’Alene Woodwind Quintet and a concert is tentatively scheduled for March 8th. They have also asked me to write a piece of music for their children’s choir so I am working on lyrics for a 12 minute long piece of music I composed called Raindrops for Woodwind Quiintet, piano and children’s choir.

Emerge – I am scheduled to perform my songs and sell my CDs at the Emerge Art Gallery in Coeur d’Alene on February 2nd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Come on down and check it out.

Tony Alvarez – I am mentoring Tony Alvarez  with the long-range goal of turning over Edwards Music Site when I can no longer compose or work. We had three mentoring session before Tony left for Czechoslovakia to work on a music project and we look forward to his returning soon to North Idaho. 

Las Vegas trip - We went to Las Vegas for two weeks for the holidays. While there I went to the church I go to there and learned the music minister Johhn Jones is playing piano for the Wayne Newton Show. Then, I went to the Dispensary Club on Tropicana and schmoozed with my friend the great jazz pianist Uli Geisendorfer. I also met two great singers, female Tosch and Ralph Butter field.  So, I went to the Bootlegger Bar for two nights in a row and heard their shows and networked with them. Then we went to the Wayne Newton Show. Wayne is 83 and a great entertainer. He connects with everyone in the room. After the show, Johhn Jones took us out for treats and a chat. He is interested in my three Christmas songs and hopefully will produce broadcast quality recordings for these potential hit songs.

Mistaken Move movie – In Las Vegas, I talked with writer/director Jimmy Cullors who said he hasn’t been able to get investors to finish the murder mystery movie he is shot in Las Vegas called Mistaken Move. I had composed 52 songs for the soundtrack which he said he was going to use.  

Mildred Bailey Music –Cecilia Curtis of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe is singing songs made famous by Mildred Bailey, also a member of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe . (I transcribed the music)

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