Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog 3/5/2023

When I was in New York City in December, I talked with the director of an opera production company and he said my Qualchan and Whistalks Opera was just what they were looking for and they would produce it in 2023 or 2024.  Last month I sent him a sample score and parts for Song/Scene 01.

I talked with a singer from Cuba named Anaissa who said she likes the opera and was going to start rehearsing to record some of the songs.
I talked with Paula Newberry at the Rainbow Opera Company in Memphis TN who said they were still interested in premiering Qualchan and Whistalks this year 2023 but the main difficulty is getting financing. I did see where Paula sang in Carnegie Hall recently.
I communicated with the Harlem Opera Company who mainly asked if I had any financing.
So, that's the latest news re Qualchan. In other news, my co writer of musical theater says they are going to produce a second show that I composed with him called A Stitch in Time in NYC around June or July. I probably won't be coming to that premiere.
I started a new Tik Tok account called YourGrandpaGary and uploaded some funny videos that Adam Foote helped produce. Adam has 3.6 million followers so I'm hoping to emulate his success.
I will be appearing on the Ali and Callie Podcast in March so do a search and join me for a humorous account about the trouble I had getting home from the Premiere of Stealing Mona Lisa on 12/24/2022. It took me six days and I had to take a Greyhound Bus to Orland, Florida where I couch surfed with my friend and Wataino CD Co-writer Orlando Sanchez.

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