September 4th 2016 Gary A. Edwards Blog - Angela Tuttle Single Release

Angela's Single - Gary Edwards announces the release of a new single consisting of three of Gary's songs sung by Angela Tuttle. If you go to and click on the music page you can preview a video of Angela singing Soulmates, a very sexy, romantic song suitable for Valentine's Day, weddings or a date. Here you can preview for free and then download any of three songs Soulmates, Reflections of Love and/or Changes. Take a listen and pass the word. These songs deserve to go viral.

Qualchan Opera Update - At this point, Gary has finished writing the piano vocal version of 46 minutes worth of music for this opera about Qualchan, the brave Yakama warrior who fought to try to protect his people and his tribal lands in the war of 1855 - 1858 in Washington and Idaho.  Anyone who is interested in helping get this opera produced is encouraged to contact Gary at

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