Gary A. Edwards Update 9/5/2021 

As you know, last year, I scored a soundtrack for a movie called Mistaken Moves written and directed by Jimmy Cullors. There was a delay starting the editing because the editor was in a car wreck and seriously injured…

New bilingual music CD needs name.

Hello, I've finished 10 songs for my bilingual English/Spanish CD. I'm trying to think of a title for it. I've thought of Spangish - but that sounds too humorous. I've thought of Canciones Bilngues with an umlaut over the u…


Gary A. Edwards Music Update 5/6/2021  

Hello. I hope you’re enjoying fine spring weather. We are completely inoculated against the Coronavirus and have been resuming in-person activities such as going to church and occasional dining out. Here’s the latest news. 

Jimmy Cullors told me that he…


Mijo es un bromista

Here's a little story about that time my son and and I were eating at a Mexican Restaurant in Vegas. Gotta watch out for him, he's a real prankster.


Conduct Yourself

Conductors have an important job to do, after all, they have to wrangle a bunch of cats to coordinate music with a large number of people. But sometimes, they can be real sour-pusses. These, are their stories.


Christmas on the Concourse - The complete production

Now that we've aired all 4 segments from Christmas on the Concourse, it only seems right to give you the full spectacular today, as it is indeed Christmas. A very happy and heartfelt holiday to you, and I hope you…


Hey Baldy Holiday Hiatus

After a string of technical difficulties and Christmas around the corner, Wade and I decided that we will not be streaming the Hey Baldy show this week. The good news is you won't have to miss the exciting conclusion to…

Stealing The Mona Lisa

All the world's a stage, and we are merely players... or something like that. This week I had the thrill of my life when I met with one of my colleagues, Claude Solnik and his theatrical team to organize a…