Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog 9/15/17 – Karen Youngblood Promo Video - Long Island Lolita Update – Echo of The Tom Toms book 

Karen Youngblood Voice Promo Video - This is an example of a promo music video I produced for Karen Youngblood. First, she recorded 16 songs in my partner Dan Lewis’ recording studio using karaoke backing tracks downloaded from the Internet. Next, I videotaped her singing each song from two angles. Then, I combined the two angles into one video, synchronized the video by using the sound of the music and synchronized the studio recorded music to the video for each song to create a DVD wth 16 complete songs. Then, we picked segments of six songs of about 30 seconds each and made a three minute demo with the shortened versions of the six songs. See it at 

Long Island Lolita Update - Writer Claude Solnik tells me that he had a third preview of our musical Long Island Lolita last Thursday night in New York. He is still rewriting. Stay tuned for further updates. 

Echo of The Tom Toms book– I videotaped Joe Lyons reading his Grandmother Frances Le Bret’s book called Echo of the Tom Toms. (Available at I have started editing the 21 episodes, which when finished will be broadcast on CMTV Channel 14 Comcast Cable in Spokane and then will be available in a set of DVDs. I promoted the book at the Spokane Tribe’s Powwow at the Falls and at the One-Heart Native Film Festival in Spokane last week. Everyone loves this true love story of Blue Bird and Fred. 

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