New bilingual music CD needs name.

Hello, I've finished 10 songs for my bilingual English/Spanish CD. I'm trying to think of a title for it. I've thought of Spangish - but that sounds too humorous. I've thought of Canciones Bilngues with an umlaut over the u. I want to convey that it's a music CD sung in English and Spanish, that it's a serious CD although there are a couple of humorous songs in it about a Chupacabra and another one about a gabacho who understands Spanish, etc.  There's an uplifting positive song about Puerto Rico that could become an anthem for the state territory and another very romantic song called "Estaré Allí (I'll Be There.) Please help me name my next CD and if I choose your title I will put your name in the credits and send you a free copy.

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