1. Retaliation

From the recording Qualchan

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News of the Whitman Massacre spread very quickly. In early 1848, clergyman Cornelius Gillman was appointed colonel by the Oregon Provisional Government. He was ordered to lead a volunteer army of about 500 men to prosecute the Cayuse. His forces arrived at the Whitman Mission in March after a brief encounter with Cayuse raiders near The Dalles. He promised peace if the warriors responsible for the attack at the Whitman Mission would surrender. After the Cayuse refused to make peace under those conditions, U.S troops were brought in to suppress them. In the summer of 1850, after numerous encounters with the army, five Cayuse warriors surrendered and confessed to the Whitman Massacre. They were tried and then hanged on June 3, 1850. The peace that was promised did not occur.

by Robert Singletary