From the recording Cast Out The Demons

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Originally written by Gary A. Edwards and modified and produced by Wendell Noble.



Jesus crossed the Sea of Galilee.
He stepped on the shore and what did he see?
A man who wasn’t dressed. He was clearly possessed,
by the Demons, as mean as they could be.

He said that Legion was his name.
It was the demon speaking; the man wasn’t to blame.
The man did not mind when the demons hit the swine,
and when they drowned he wasn’t insane.

Jesus - cast out the demon.
Jesus - cast out the demon
Jesus - cast out the demon in the name of the Lord (2X)

Well, he freed the poor man’s soul
and don’t you know that he made the poor man whole.
Jesus cast out the demon and you could just hear him screamin’.
He did not want to leave Legion alone. No no.

Just picture what it’s like to be insane,
no home, no job, no family; no one to call your name.
You can’t concentrate; loneliness is your fate,
you need someone to cast out the demons in His name.


Rap Interlude:
It’s like something that’ll make your neck spin.
It hurts so much that you do a back bend
Get down in your soul and you do back spin.
We know him by name and we call him Legion.

We know where to run and know where to hide.
You better thank twice. Get God on your side.
It’s time to buckle up. Let me take you on a ride.
To cast out the demons... that’s the reason why He died. Ya’ll know, c’mon.

If you’re bothered by thoughts that make you slaves...
By lust, by greed by avarice, broken promises that you made...
There’s hope for us all and you still can stand tall and
cast out the demons in your brain.


Copyright @ 2005 by Gary A. Edwards (47.5%), Wendell Noble (47.5%) and Greg Muse(5%)
PO Box 3528 Coeur d’Alene ID 83816-2520
(208) 699-0848