From the recording Windows to Your Soul

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Vocals by Timari, Dan Smith recording engineer.


Searching For Tomorrow

Verse 2
Staring at your picture. Wondering what went wrong.
Yesterday you were mine.
Time seemed to go so fast,
when we were in love.
Now tomorrow seems so far behind.

Verse 2
Now that you are gone there’s no easy way for me,
though they say life goes on.
The moments that we shared you’ve shared with another lover.
I’ve been left so far behind.

When the one I loved found another,
I had my head bent in sorrow,
but I’ve got to keep on trying
searching for tomorrow.

Ending verse
Today is a blur like a dream where I’m paralyzed.
My body’s cold like a stone.
I’ll just spend my time all alone.
Just spend my time searching for tomorrow.

Copyright © 1987 by Gary A. Edwards and Leigh Ann Williams
Edwards Publishing Co. PO Box 3528 Coeur d’Alene ID 83816-2520 (208) 699-0848