From the recording Windows to Your Soul

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Vocals by Timari, Dan Smith lead guitar and recording engineer.


The Gypsy Tango for Soprano

(Intro - instrumental)

Dance. Watch the Gypsy dance.
Makes me feel entranced by his glance, full of fire.

Oh, what a passionate fire in his Gypsy eyes,
Makes me want to cry, want to die, in his glow.

Play. Play your violin.
Draw me in to the melody.

Oh, what a passionate fire in your Gypsy hands.
Makes me understand. Take my hand in yours.

Wouldn’t it be very grand,
Joining your Gypsy band,
dancing across the land,
for a coin or two?

I want to be bold,
have a Gypsy soul.
Have you to hold,
me in your arms.

(Instrumental verse)

Love is what I want,
Is what I need to complete, my destiny.
Time is not my friend.
Why must it be my enemy?

Dawn. Now’s the time to choose.
Do I stay or go? Do I win or lose?

Fate. What’s in store for me?
What should I be?
Will I see any rest?
Will the melody, of the Tango stay with me,
for the rest of my life?

Copyright © 2007 Gary A. Edwards All rights reserved.
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