From the recording Windows to Your Soul

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Vocals by Timari, Dan Smith recording engineer.


Too Young For Tears

You said you’d stand by through thick and through thin.
you’d love me forever, together we’d win.
but you never made an effort, never gave us a chance.
Then you walked away without a second glance.

For a long time I cried but then I realized,
I’ve got nothing to hide get away from my side.
Now I’m looking forward to good times ahead.
No more sitting on a shelf, free to be myself.

I’m too young for tears
Too young for foolish
There’s so many years
I’m too young for tears

I’m too young for tears
too young for foolish tears.
There’s so many years,
I’m too young for tears.

Copyright © 1995 by Gary A. Edwards and A.J. Kubay PAu 2-021-318 Street rock.
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