From the recording TroubleClef

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Performed by the Dave Holodnak Band who opened for the LA Olympics in the 1980s


Jesus Is The Answer

Jesus is the rain that washes all the pain away.
Jesus is the sun that shines upon us.
The sun dries all the tears that made the rainy day.
The tears blocked out the sun.

And when we’re crying we can’t see too far beyond.
the thunder clouds the song.
We feel like we’re gone, like everything is wrong.
tears are just a state of mind. You’re temporarily blind.

Loving Him is something we need to do.
Don’t wait awhile.
We need to give our hate away,
And learn to smile again, learn to love,
Live in peace. Pray a lot.
Jesus is the answer.

Jesus - forgiveness is a state of mind like dying.
Keep trying to let the past go flying away.
We have to love our Lord before we’ll trust another love.
True love comes from above.


Jesus is the sun.
Jesus is the rain.
Jesus is the son of God.
Turn to him and He’ll wash away all of your pain.


Jesus is the answer.
Jesus is the answer.

Copyright © 1995 by Gary A. Edwards
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