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  1. Peace Be With You

From the recording TroubleClef

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Performed by the Dave Holodnak Band who opened for the Los Angeles Olympics in the 1980s.


Peace Be With You

“Peace be with you,” were the words that He spoke.
They were frightened, as if they’d seen a ghost.
Look at the holes in His hands. Look at the scars in His feet,
And believe. . . believe in Him.

It was written, “Christ must suffer and die.
On the third day He will rise up and fly.”
Preaching forgiveness of sins. Preaching repentance of man,
So believe. . . Live on and on.

Chorus 1
You have witnessed.
Stand up and speak for the Lord.
You have seen Him.
Go out and speak to the world.

Then He left them, but He did not die.
Then, He blessed them, as He rose to the sky. . .
As He rose up to the sky.

Chorus 2
Be terrific. Be specific for Him. (Stand up for Him.)
Be terrific. Be specific for Him. (Peace be with you.)

(Repeat and fade)
Peace be with you. Peace be with you.
Peace be with you. Peace be with you.

Copyright © 2011 by Imagine Music Publishing SATB choral song.

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Words paraphrased from Luke 24:36-53