From the recording Amor, life and Chupacabra Songs

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The Gypsy Tango (Ivana’s version)

(Intro – instrumental, by the Nevsky String Trio)

Watch the Gypsy dance.
Makes me feel entranced, by his glance, full of fire.

Oh, what a passionate fire,
In his Gypsy eyes,
Makes me want to cry, want to die, in his glow.

mira bailar el Gítano.
Cuando se mueve me encanta,
la mirada de fuego.

¡Que apasionados,
ojos de fuego!
Quiero llorar,
y morir
en sus brazos.

Wouldn’t it be very grand,
Joining his Gypsy band,
dancing across the land,
for a coin or two?

I want to be bold,
have a Gypsy soul.
Have him to hold,
me in his arms.

(Instrumental interlude)

Love, is what I want,
Is what I need, to complete, my destiny.
Time is not my friend,
why must it be my enemy?

Amar es vivir.
Es completar el destino de mi ser.
retratos de polvo
para el vejez.

Now’s the time for me to choose.
Do I stay or go?
Do I win or lose?

What does fate have in store for me?
What should I be?
Will I see any rest?
Will the melody,
of the Tango stay with me, for the rest of my life?

Copyright © 2007 Gary A. Edwards All rights reserved.
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