From the recording Amor, life and Chupacabra Songs

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Orlando Sanchez helped write the music to the original song Batey Way and Gary Edwards wrote the lyrics to this Chupacabra version.


El Chupacabra Y La Cabrota

Fue una noche, mu y oscuro, Las nubes cubrieron la luna,
Andaba por un bosque. Tenía miedo, y vi algo misterioso.

En el aire había un barco volando con mas prisa que nunca he visto.
Me escondí atrás de unos ramos, y no vas a creer que vi después.

Hubo un Chupacabra feo, grueso, viejo y pelado, pescando cabras pa' chupar la sangre.
¿O pueda’ haber que quiso hacer amor?

It was late at night, and very dark. Clouds covered up the moon.
I walked through the forest. I was afraid, and saw something very mysterious.

In the air, there was a spaceship, flying faster than I'd ever seen in my life.
I hid myself behind some bushes, and you won't believe what I saw then.

There was a goat sucker, ugly, fat, old and bald, hunting goats to suck out all their blood,
or maybe he just wanted to make love?

Maybe the Chupacabra was just lonely and forgot his manners? Or maybe he just wanted to suck blood? ¿O quizás él querría chupar sangre?

Copyright © 2021 by Gary A. Edwards