SONG 27 QUALCHAN’S LAST DAYS – 5:49 (Sung by Whist-alks, Owhi, Wright, Qualchan) 9/24/1858 – Chief Owhi turns himself in to Col. Wright to save his son, Qualchan. Col. Wright sends a message to Qualchan saying he will spare his father if Qualchan surrenders. Qualchan, his wife Whist-alks and his brother Lo-kout ride into Col. Wright’s camp under a white flag of truce. Within 15 minutes, Wright hangs Qualchan. Whist-alks appears as an old crone and sings a reprise of the lament in Song 01


Epilogue (optional)
After the soldiers hang Qualchan, Whist-alks grabs a sword and slices her way out of camp. A friendly Indian unties Lo-kout’s bonds and he, too, escapes. A few days later, Owhi is shot making what he knows is a futile attempt to escape. Later, Lo-kout meets with Whist-alks and they have a long life together into their eighties.