1. 21 Transitions

SONG 21 TRANSITIONS – 12:12 (Sung by Governor Stevens, Eneas, Col. Wright, Kamiakin, Lo-kout, Whist-alks, Owhi) Governor Stevens offers rewards for the capture of hostile Indians, then offers a second Council. The US Army and the volunteer militia are in disagreement over the Indians with the Army taking a more peaceful view. Kamiakin leaves the Yakama territory. Stevens gives up on the second council and is attacked when he leaves. Qualchan’s brother, Lo-kout suffers a deep head wound. Col. Steptoe helps Governor Stevens escape. The Indians are divided. Kamiakin wants war and Owhi wants peace. A US Army Indian Scout named David steals Yakama horses for the first time, causing resentment by the Indians when the horses aren’t immediately returned. Col. Wright offers peace and an unofficial truce lasts through 1857.