1. Reflections
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Reflections of love is a light Latin jazz fusion romantic song about someone traveling on a ship musing about their lover who is far away and how their love bridges the time and space between them.



I look at the moon and see reflections of your love,
For me, from up above,
Shining down into my lonely room,
As if you were there. Your golden warmth lights up my soul.

I look at the sea, and see a thousand sparkling lights,
Like diamonds, shining in the night,
Like your love for me--
And like the sea--on and on it will go.

Reflections of your love for me.
Reflections bridge the space and time between.
The echoes of your voice sound in my ears,
Erase all the noise and all the fears.

Nuestro amor mueve en el aire,
Como alas que se vuelen,
Hasta los fines de tiempo,
Hacía amor, el espejo de tus ojos,
La luz de tus ojos refleja que te quiero,
Reflejos que te quiero.

(English version of 3rd verse)

Our love moves through the air,
Like wings that fly,
Towards the end of time,
Towards love, the mirror of your eyes--
The glow in your eyes--reflect that I love you.

Copyright © 1984 by Gary A. Edwards
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