Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog 7/25/2017 – Crying song video– I Am A Spirit song video –Movie review - Dunkirk 

This is a video of Oishi Bhattacharya singing a beautiful song I wrote called Crying which is a song included in my musical comedy The Bureau-rats. In the song, the hero is singing about hesitating to fall in love because (s)he has to resolve some emotional issues before (s)he can commit to a new love. 

I Am A Spirit by Gary A. Edwards sung by the Unity Spiritual Center of North Idaho choir at the YouTube website 

Dunkirk is a straight-forward historical movie, more like a documentary. There are no food fights, car chases or romantic scenes. This movie puts you right in the middle of the war action from start to finish. 

I finished acting as a zombie in the final movie of Through The Dark Portal directed by Nancy Hanks. It was fun to wear zombie make-up and a pirate suit and be dancing in the woods north of Newman Lake Washington after midnight while shooting this film. 

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