Gary A. Edwards Entertainment Blog 5/13/19 Ellie sings Happy Mother’s Day- The Wolf Pack Book Review  – Company musical Review – Qualchan Opera Update 

Ellie sings Happy Mother’s Day– This is a link to a Youtube video of Ellie, 10 year old 4th grade prodigy vocalist, singing the Happy Mother's Day song by Gary A. Edwards at the Unity Spiritual Center of North Idaho in Coeur d'Alene on May 12th, 2019. There will be a studio recorded version out shortly. 

The Wolf Pack by CW Box Book Review – I have read every book in this series about a Wyoming game warden named Joe Pickett who gets involved in solving complex criminal cases. In this book, game wardens in two counties are investigating a drone that chases wild elk and deer to the point of exhaustion and death, seemingly just for fun. Then, a gang called the Wolf Pack comes into Joe’s Wyoming Fish & Game District and the body count starts piling up. Joe, as usual, fights the bureaucracy who tell him to back off of the investigation, but Joe persists in the investigations with the help of his non-conformist falconer friend. 

Company Musical Review –W e went to a very enjoyable musical at the Lake City Playhouse called Company by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth. Disclaimer: it also stars our great-niece Emily Cleveland. The show consists of vignettes and musings about life and love of a 35 year old young man, with sometimes confusing flashbacks. The strength of this show was the talent of the cast and band as each character provided an excellent showcase of their talents. There was plenty of singing and dancing, enough to stir the hearts of all and remind us of when we were young and evolving in our emotional growth towards a fulfilling love life, making mistakes but learning more and more each time. The stars I remember most were the talented singing of Cambria Ravsten, the hilarious comic chops of Emily Cleveland, the beautiful dancing of Amber Fiedler and of course the acting and singing talents of baritone Jesse Hampsch. This show runs through May 19th, so don't miss it. 

Qualchan Opera Update - Give Me Five program: So far, we have raised $1,360 towards financing the production of my Qualchan Opera. I am asking individuals to  donate $5.00 or more, and asking businesses and organizations to donate $500 or more to fund the production and filming of my Qualchan Opera. You can see the 19 minute video pitch at this link and then click on the video at the top of my Qualchan Opera page. To donate to this non-profit fiscal sponsorship website, click on the <Donate Now> button and be sure and do a search for the Qualchan Opera.  

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