Gary A. Edwards Blog Update for November, 2021 

Litterateur Productions LLC has invited me to be on their board and staff in charge of music production. We will be producing films, books and live stage shows. They finished filming their first movie Mistaken Move and are completing the edit. I composed the music for the soundtrack for this film which is planned for release in December this year, or January 2022. We have had two board meetings by Zoom so far and things are getting exciting. The company, headed by Writer/Director Jimmy Cullors is based in Las Vegas. I am in the recruiting process for a music conductor/orchestrator for that area. 

I have signed two contracts so far, obtained through a tip sheet website called They are with libraries or agents who try to market my music for sync licenses for companies to use in films, TV, commercials, etc. The contracts are for music from our recently released Wataino music CD, that I co-wrote with Orlando Sanchez who was born in Puerto Rico and worked with Disney World for years as a music producer and performed hand percussion with Stevie Wonder, Donna Summers, the Dora The Explorer sound track, etc. Hopefully contracts like these will result in significant income. 

We finished filming a short film called Across Bank Street – Dimensions and are having a world premiere dinner and screening at the Wallace Elks Club on December 5th, from 4 pm to 8 pm. I will be the host. The plan is for this film to appear in a series of Episodes on YouTube and be picked up by a major streaming site like Netflix, or Amazon Prime for pay. Nancy Hanks is the Writer/Director and we have spent the last two months working together as she edits the footage and she tells me what kind of music goes where. I have been creating original music for the various scenes and we reached the point where the composing is complete and Dan Lewis, a sound engineer genius in Spokane, is tweaking the sounds with a program called Pro Tools, which is the film industry standard. 

We finished recording ten bilingual songs for a Spanish/English CD entitled Amor, Life and Chupacabra Songs featuring Cuban-American singer Ivana Céspedes. I have released the music for streaming on my website now at and will release the CD when I get the permanent artwork from Reinaldo Gil Zambrano, a Venezuelan artist who teaches art at Eastern Washington University.   

Orlando Sanchez added lyrics to our Borikén Land song on the Wataino CD, and we included the lyrics version on the CD entitled Amor, Life and Chupacabra Songs. I have been in contact with a Grammy Winner who liked the song and we will see if he nominates the lyrics version for a Grammy Award. 

Mari Meehan and I have reached a deal where I will write music for her book trailer and she will provide PR for my Qualchan and Whistalks Opera. Mari was formerly the PR and Marketing Director for the Houston Opera. She has written and illustrated a children’s book called Slobbers, The Dog about a St. Bernard. It is getting a lot of buzz in the market. 

I have retired from Producing the Mildred Bailey Show for the Coeur d’Alene Casino. I produced several shows, spent hours transcribing sheet music, directed the bands and the Casino was very generous but I want to focus on promoting my own original music, musical theatre and film screenplays. 

So far Distrokid distribution on 21 streaming sites has resulted in over 3,000 streams of my music. It’s a start.  

So, the journey continues onward and upward. 


Gary A. Edwards

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  • Jimmy Cullors
    Jimmy Cullors Las Vegas, NV
    That was great Gary. Together we're going a long way. Jimmy C

    That was great Gary. Together we're going a long way.
    Jimmy C

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