Medical Mayhem

Turn your head and cough! Today we've got some humor from the sick bay. These days we're so conscious of health these days, we could use a laugh!


Hey Baldy Show on Twitch Friday mornings at 10 am.

We are broadcasting an interactive video show on Twitch every Friday morning at 10 am Pacific Time with my friend Wade Lutz. This week we are featuring child prodigy Ellie singing my original children's songs on video and sound. Also…


Gettin a little looney

Today, I've got a special tweat for you, an Elvis favorite performed by Tweety Bird. Well, by me, singing like Tweety Bird. Be sure to comment if you have any more requests, I'll be here all week.


Canadian Girls

Oh sure, you bet'cha. Today I spill the beans of my exhaustive habit of dating canooks in the summers of my youth. Hope you all can learn something, or at least get a chuckle!

Music and Songwriting Class is now open for the public!

Hey Everyone! I'm Pleased to announce that my music and songwriting class is now available for free on youtube! I will guide you through the fundamentals of the music drawn from my years of experience as a composer. Here's a…


New Episodes of Sit-down Comedy are Up!

I missed the blog last week, so today is gonna be a two-fer for you all! For starters I'll  give you a window into the perils of being  a married man on stage, followed by a hilarious scheme a friend…

Newly available for purchase!

Hey everyone, I'm pleased to inform you that Gary's Classic Music Vol II & III are now available for purchase in physical copy, as well as the complete DVD set for Echo of the Tom Toms read by Joe Lyons…

Wataino available on CD!

Wataino is now available for sale on CD! You can pick up your physical copy by clicking on the button at the bottom of this post! If you haven't heard Wataino yet, you're missing out -- and you can give…