A life of crime ahead

Today I'll tell you a tale of two of the sweetest crooks I've ever met! They turned out alright I suppose.


Professional Relationships

The consequences of not sleeping with your supervisor can have potential pitfalls... lucky for me I saw it coming! This week on Sit-down Comedy, I'll tell you a story about reverse sexual harassment.

Wataino Choreography

I approached Callie Hatchet who said she would like to choreograph a piece set to music from to Orlando and my Wataino album. Of course we both unanimously said that we'd be honored, and are looking forward to it! Stay…


Nursing Homes, and Stories About Them

When asked what a nursing home smells like, the only true answer is... depends. A couple funny spotlights on the subject of working in nursing homes, enjoy!




A time to be grateful, and international relations

Hey everyone, happy Thanksgiving! We've got a double feature for you today. Despite 2020 being such a year of ups and downs, we still have a lot to be thankful for. The first, regularly scheduled episode features misadventures outside of…


Hey Baldy Show Schedule

Hope You all had a Happy Thanksgiving!


The  Hey Baldy Show resumes today and all Fridays at 10 am Pacific.

We will be featuring Gary's original musical Christmas on The Concourse in weekly episodes for the next four weeks.




Christmas is coming

Local Composer and author Gary A. Edwards offers entertaining music, books and videos just in time for holiday gift giving. Just released, the Wataino (Washington-Taino) music CD features get-up-and dance high energy Latin rhythms inspired by co-writer Orlando Sanchez


California Dreamin'

Back in the day, I was playing gigs with the Soul Sounds in California. What a time we had, here's a few about my misadventures in the ghetto and playing shows. Hope you get a kick out of it, I…


Wataino and EWU

As you, yours, me and mine know, this has been a most unusual year. 

Pre-pandemic, I was working with EWU to transcribe and have some music performed from Orlando Sanchez and my newest CD, Wataino -- originally timed for this…


Hey Baldy 11/13: Reflections

We're live at 10am Pacific! Join Wade and I today as we listen to the album Reflections, featuring the smooth talents of Tom Stryker!


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