Gary Edwards is a composer of classical, musical theater and film music based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He has also written jazz, rock/pop, R&B gospel and country music. His music has been performed in ensembles from Washington to Argentina, Russia and other countries and he has played with both the Spokane and Louisville Symphonies.

Gary has written five musicals and three screenplays as well as two concertos and hundreds of pieces of music. One of his goals has always been to bring different cultures and people together with his music. He is currently the Playwright/Composer in Residence for the Ignite Theater in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Gary's acclaimed album, Reflections, features Tom Stryker, virtuoso touring harmonica player (Hohner rep) playing light jazz, easy listening and light classical tunes and focuses on the theme of reflecting on life and it’s meaning. Find our more about Gary's Music. Questions? Contact Gary. 

Gary A. Edwards Blog 9/28/2016 Music news, Film, Restaurant, TV and Book Reviews, etc.  

My Qualchan Opera is two thirds finished with 60 minutes of music, lyrics and keyboard accompaniment. The opera starts with the antics of Qualchan’s grandfather, Ky-yi-yah, who steals a race horse, then steals the chief’s daughter and they run away. The great chief Kamiakin and his brother Owhi are born and then Owhi’s son Qualchan is born and grows up to be a great warrior. Governor Stevens demands the Indians sell their lands for white settlement and move to a reservation or be destroyed. The Indians decide to resist and Qualchan quickly becomes noted for his bravery and fighting skills. At the same time, he is courting the beautiful Whist-alks and trying to live a normal life but they are dragged down into the maelstrom of war and chaos. Stay tuned for further developments. 
Movie Review - Bridget Jones’ Baby – This film stars Renée Zellweger, the charming, talented actress whose character Bridget has a fling with two lovers and gets pregnant but doesn’t know who the father is. The premise that a single girl can get pregnant and have to choose between a successful attorney and a billionaire Internet mogul with no serious consequences except the birth of a beautiful child is an interesting fantasy, but Zellweger manages to rescue this film with her charm and make the movie interesting. 
Award nomination - I was honored by being nominated for the 2016 Mayor’s Awards in the Arts in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, although not actually chosen. The ceremony giving out the Awards will be 10/13/2016 at the 6 pm at the Hagadone Events Center and I will be there to cheer on the winners. 
Restaurant Review – We went to the Cracker Barrel in Coeur d’Alene again and the food was excellent and the price was very reasonable. This is now my favorite restaurant in North Idaho and Eastern Washington. 
TV Review – We have been watching to TV series on Netflix: Longmire is about a sheriff in Wyoming who is both an intelligent investigator as well as a flawed very human being. Jane, The Virgin is about a young woman (Gina Rodriguez) who is accidentally artificially inseminated when she goes in for a Pap Smear. I swear Gina is the most talented new actress to come along in a long time. She has the widest acting repertoire I have seen in a long time. She can go from sad and crying to laughing hysterically in less than a second. She is quirky and funny in Jane and we have also seen her as a human trafficking victim on Longmire. I predict a long and successful career for her. 
Please visit my website www.EdwardsMusicSite.com and sign up to be a fan and receive regular updates of my musical events and reviews, as well as a free download mp3 of You’ll Be Sorry featuring Tom Stryker, virtuoso jazz and classical harmonica touring artist.

September 4th 2016 Gary A. Edwards Blog - Angela Tuttle Single Release 

Angela's Single - Gary Edwards announces the release of a new single consisting of three of Gary's songs sung by Angela Tuttle. If you go to www.EdwardsMusicSite.com and click on the music page you can preview a video of Angela singing Soulmates, a very sexy, romantic song suitable for Valentine's Day, weddings or a date. Here you can preview for free and then download any of three songs Soulmates, Reflections of Love and/or Changes. Take a listen and pass the word. These songs deserve to go viral.

Qualchan Opera Update - At this point, Gary has finished writing the piano vocal version of 46 minutes worth of music for this opera about Qualchan, the brave Yakama warrior who fought to try to protect his people and his tribal lands in the war of 1855 - 1858 in Washington and Idaho.  Anyone who is interested in helping get this opera produced is encouraged to contact Gary at gedward@roadrunner.com.

August 1st Gary A. Edwards blog - Qualchan Opera Progress 

Would you be a brave hero and resist if a foreign power came to your neighborhood and told you that they were now in charge, that you would have to move to a very small camp, change your language, your religion, you work, your music… every aspect of your way of life? 
I am composing an opera entitled Qualchan based on the 1917 public domain book Kamiakin, The Last Hero of the Yakimas, by A.J. Splawn and my instrumental music CD entitled Qualchan. The epic story tells of the struggles by Qualchan, the “bravest of all the warriors” whose Uncle Kamiakin formed the Yakama Nation’s Confederation of Tribes which waged a three year war from 1850 to 1858 against the US Army’s takeover of the land and people of the Pacific Northwest. 
This story is extremely relevant today because the United States continues to repeat the mistake of aggressively dominating indigenous cultures around the world. 
By way of background, I have a degree in music from the Indiana University School of Music and have written five musicals and hundreds of other works relating to music. For more information about me please check out my website at EdwardsMusicSite.com. 
I am seeking a theater company for a premiere of the Qualchan Opera next year. I would like to find a translator familiar with the Sahaptin language. Please contact me at gedward@roadrunner.com with any questions you may have or to assist me in this endeavor. We can only avoid future mistakes if we are accurately educated of past mistakes. 

Gary A. Edwards Blog 7/15/2016 Jacob Johns Hopi language CD released  

Jacob Johns sings 15 original and traditional Hopi language songs in a CD just released entitled Unity Consciousness. He accompanies himself with drum or rattle. Songs include Spirit Calling, Milky Way, Morning and many others. We plan to distribute it to Reservation DJs and interest has been expressed in using this native music for a video soundtrack. Jacob is also an accomplished artist. Gary A. Edwards produced the Unity Consciousness CD which is available for $14.95 at https://www.createspace.com/800075671 
Musical Review – Fiddler on The Roof is playing now at the University High School Theater in Spokane Valley through the CCT theater company. I went to the opening show July 14th and it was a great show, very entertaining, with adults and children doing excellent singing, dancing and acting and a 7-piece volunteer live band that mixes very well with the dialogue so you can hear the lyrics. The overall Director is Kim Roberts who always gets excellent results and music director Cambria Ravsten who also got excellent results. Performance is this weekend only, 7/15 and 7/16 Friday and Saturday nights at 7 pm and two performances on Sunday July 17th. 
Restaurant Review – My new favorite restaurant is the Cracker Barrel Restaurant at Ramsey Rd. North East of the Freeway I-90. The food is good and the prices are reasonable. I had breaded catfish. The thing I like about the Cracker Barrel is that even though it’s a corporate chain, the Southern style food tastes fresh and home-made. 
Book Review – My favorite author is now CJ Box. He writes a series of books based on a Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett who gets involved in serious crimes and conspiracies and solves them in a common-sense no-nonsense way. I recommend that you start with the first book of the series entitled Open Season.

March 8, 2016 All four installments of Christmas on The Concourse are uploaded. 

Hello, fans: Now you can see all four installments of Christmas on the Concourse by going to the <films> page on www.EdwardsMusicSite.com and clicking on the four links. Here they are if you want to copy and paste the links yourself: Viewing the musical is free and feel free to share and pass this on to your friends and family so they can enjoy the show. Any producers, theaters, directors who are interested in producing this show at your venue, please contact Gary A. Edwards at gedward@roadunner.com for licensing and royalties information.

Christmas on the Concourse musical part 1 of 4 by Gary A. Edwards at https://youtu.be/xhD677KnIOM 

Christmas on the Concourse musical part 2 of 4 by Gary A. Edwards is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXLPrqy7jCw&nohtml5=False  

Christmas on the Concourse musical part 3 of 4 by Gary A. Edwards is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6-s5dcsSDE&nohtml5=False  

Christmas on The Concourse musical part 4 of 4 is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yoj0DGz_HE&feature=youtu.be

Qualchan Opera - At present I am researching for more information to expand my Qualchan music CD into an opera about native American Indians of the past in the North Idaho and Washington State regions about the time primarily from 1855 to 1858. I am looking for collaborators who are familiar with the Yakama language and history and also native flute, drums and other native instruments to include in the orchestration. I spent an enjoyable week at the American Indian Heritage week at NIC networking with people, listening to lectures and participating in workshops as part of my research.

Book Review: The Scotty Barked at Midnight  by Kaitlyn Dunned was an enjoyable read about a woman who was participating in a talent reality show and others were murdered and the amateur detective tries to solve the case by taking over the murdered woman's dog and dance act. My first dog Scotty was the impetus for reading this book.

Book Review: The Fall of Moscow Station by Mark Henshaw is a cloak and dagger spy mystery about a Russian spy who wants to resurrect the cold war and almost destroys the CIA's Moscow operations, while the CIA tries to thwart the Russian and the CIA mole who regrets his turncoat actions. Very enjoyable.

Movie Review: The Boss starring Melissa McCarthy is a profane, funny movie about a female tycoon who has to start all over and uses a Girl Scout Cookie sale type operation to make her comeback while learning lessons about the importance of good relationships.

Restaurant News: To make this short, The greatest hamburger joint in Kootenai County, Moon Dollars on Syringa in Post Falls has reopened. I especially love their sweet potato fries and reasonable prices. We ate at Italian restaurant Uva's, recently moved to 3rd and Lakeside in Coeur d'Alene, and were very happy with the food and friendly atmosphere chatting with Steve, the owner. They have live Jazz on Thursday nights.

Thanks for reading and be sure and send me some feedback and, again, share this blog at www.EdwardsMusicSite.com åawith your friends... Gary A. Edwards

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